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In the year 1977, a visionary named Clayton Gustafson embarked on a remarkable journey. Fueled by his passion for electricity and a dream of providing exceptional electrical services, he founded C&D Custom Electrical.

From its humble beginnings, C&D Custom Electrical quickly gained a reputation for excellence in the industry. With his combined expertise and unwavering commitment to quality, Clayton established a strong foundation for the company's success.

In the midst of the pandemic, as the world grappled with unprecedented challenges, Besnik Mamudi joined the C&D team, bringing with him a wealth of experience in the electrical field. Having dedicated more than half his life to working in the electrical industry, Besnik's expertise and dedication proved invaluable during a time when reliable electrical services were of paramount importance.

As a family-oriented man, Besnik understood the significance of providing safe and reliable electrical solutions for both residential and commercial settings. His commitment to excellence aligned perfectly with the company's core values, allowing C&D Custom Electrical to continue delivering exceptional services to their clients.

With Besnik's contributions, C&D Custom Electrical expanded their offerings even further. They continued to specialize in residential electrical projects, ensuring the impeccable installation of electrical outlets, switches, and dimmers. Additionally, their expertise grew to encompass landscape lighting, enhancing the beauty of outdoor spaces, while also venturing into air conditioning circuits to provide optimal comfort during the hot summer months.

Besnik's dedication to staying ahead of industry advancements further propelled C&D Custom Electrical's success. Recognizing the need for comprehensive electrical solutions, the company expanded their services to include installations and maintenance for large-scale industrial facilities. Their expertise in industrial-grade electrical outlets, specialized GFCI installations, and comprehensive wiring solutions solidified their reputation as a go-to choice for businesses and industries.

In a significant milestone for the company, C&D Custom Electrical established a partnership with Generac, becoming a trusted PowerPro Elite Generac Dealer. With Besnik's support, the company could now offer a wide range of home backup generators, business standby generators, and portable generators. This addition ensured their clients' peace of mind and uninterrupted power supply, reinforcing C&D Custom Electrical's commitment to exceptional service.

Besnik's dedication to his craft, combined with the efforts of the entire C&D team, has propelled the company forward, allowing it to evolve and adapt to the ever-changing electrical landscape. With a team of skilled professionals and a reputation built on trust and expertise, C&D Custom Electrical is poised to continue shaping the electrical industry for years to come, carrying Clayton's original vision into the future.

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