• Recessed Lighting

    Enhance the allure of your abode and infuse a room with abundant luminosity through this splendid design element. Additionally, conserve energy by utilizing LED bulbs and other energy-efficient lighting options.

  • Security Lighting

    Security lights offer unparalleled safety, intelligence, convenience, and affordability, making them a superior choice for safeguarding your home and property.

  • Landscape Lighting

    Whether you have a preference for low voltage or line voltage installation, our team of certified electricians ensures meticulous installation of your design, guaranteeing its proper functionality.


  • Backup Generators

    A residential backup generator possesses the ability to detect power outages, activate automatically, and provide auxiliary power to your home. It will continue to operate until utility power is restored.

  • Standby Generators

    An automated standby generator operates by incessantly monitoring the voltage supplied by the utility, both day and night. In the event of an interruption or outage, the generator promptly detects the issue and commences its operation.

  • Portable Generators

    Possess the capability to deliver power to areas devoid of electrical access, whether you're camping, attending a festival, or enjoying a ball game. Empower yourself to bring the much-needed energy precisely to the location that demands it the most.

And More

  • Small Projects & Repairs

    Seeking guidance from a licensed electrician can greatly assist you in tackling excellent ventures like circuit additions or completing small remodeling projects that necessitate minor electrical enhancements.

  • Service Upgrades

    Outdated electrical services can experience overloads due to the addition of new appliances, presenting significant safety hazards. Ensuring your electrical service is up to date and functioning properly is imperative for maintaining a secure and contemporary home environment.

  • Ceiling Fan Installation

    Why take the risk of a DIY job or disrupt your busy schedule? As professionals, we take pleasure in providing safe and efficient installations of ceiling fans and lighting fixtures in your home, without any hassle or delay.

  • Air Condition Circuits

    To ensure the safe and reliable operation of your AC unit, it necessitates a dedicated circuit. Given the complexities involving codes, permits, and voltage variations, it is best entrusted to skilled professionals who possess the expertise to handle this task efficiently.

  • EV Car Chargers

    Investing in an EV car charger is a wise decision, yet locating a convenient charging station can often prove troublesome. However, we have the capability to install the necessary wiring and connections that enable the efficient charging of your electric vehicle right from the convenience of your own home.

  • Roof De-Icing Cables

    By melting snow and ice, self-regulating cables ensure a clear drainage pathway for water to effortlessly flow away from the house, including from the roof and gutters.

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